Palliative Care

Welcome Letter for Minister Tassi

July 25, 2018

For the past two and a half years, serious issues facing Canadian seniors have been ignored by the Trudeau government.

I congratulate the Hon. Filomena Tassi on her recent appointment as the Minister for Seniors, and I am hopeful that this appointment will again give Canadian seniors the consideration and dignity they deserve.

I look forward to working with Minister Tassi and the Hon. Alice Wong on this important file.

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MPs Marilyn Gladu and Mark Warawa share good news on Palliative Care for Canadians

MPs Marilyn Gladu and Mark Warawa discuss the recently-announced "Consultation on palliative care" - open now until July 13th.We call upon all interested organizations and indivduals to make sure they participate in this consultation - available at this link: