Warawa Delivers Langley Survey Results to Ottawa

October 05, 2016

Electoral Reform Survey Results to be Handed to House Committee 

Ottawa, ON – Today, Langley—Aldergrove Member of Parliament, Mark Warawa released the electoral reform survey results on Parliament Hill. The responses are from a survey that was sent to every household in Langley-Aldergrove two weeks ago. The results will be submitted to the House of Commons Special Committee on Electoral Reform.

“The results were overwhelmingly in favour of a referendum,” said Warawa. “Langley residents believe that Canadians should choose how their representatives are elected. If you want to change the rules of democracy, then voters — not politicians — must have the final say.”

“Seeking the consent of Canadians is a foundational element of our democracy. It’s the sole basis for legitimizing our institution,” continued Warawa. “On an issue of this importance, I wanted to give everyone in the riding a chance to have their voice heard. That could only be accomplished if I sent an information booklet and survey to every household in Langley-Aldergrove.”

The Federal Liberals have said that the input they have received at their town hall meetings isn’t “a statistically accurate poll or representative sample” of Canadian opinion. That is why MP Warawa decided to seek input on electoral reform through an info booklet and survey, sent to every constituent.  “Langley-Aldergrove residents have clearly rejected the Liberal push for electoral reform and are demanding that their voice be heard through a referendum before any changes are made to our democracy,” said Warawa.

“Thank you to all of the Langley-Aldergrove residents who took the time to respond to this important survey,” concluded Warawa. “I sincerely appreciate your feedback.”

Of the 556 responses received, 90% (493) stated that ‘yes’ they want a referendum and 10% (58) stated ‘no’ that they do not want a referendum. This is one of the largest responses to a mailer that MP Warawa has received from his constituents.

The survey was included in an information booklet sent to all households in the riding, which explained the various types of electoral systems.

The survey question read as follows: “Before changing Canada’s democracy and our voting system, should the Government hold a national referendum in order to hear directly from all Canadians?”