Remembrance Day Services Langley

November 10, 2016

Remembrance Day is a time of reflection, when Canadians pause and remember the sacrifices made by men and women in the military, past and present, both here and around the world.

Services will be held on Nov. 11 in Fort Langley, Aldergrove and Langley City,.

Fort Langley

The Fort Langley Remembrance Day ceremony happens at the cenotaph at the Fort Langley cemetery, and is a project of the Fort Langley Lions Club and Fort Langley Remembrance Day Committee.

It begins with a procession starting at 10:25 a.m., followed by the service at 10:40 a.m.

The procession begins at the west end of the Fort Langley cemetery, near the intersection of St. Andrew’s and Nash Streets and is led by a piper and a colour party, followed by members of the clergy, veterans, RCMP, Armed Forces cadets, fire department personnel, elected officials, Kwantlen elders, and members of the scouting and guiding movements.


A 10:40 a.m. parade sees the procession leaving Old Yale Road onto 268 Street, then heads west on Fraser Highway to the Aldergrove Legion at 26607 Fraser Hwy.

The service starts at 10:50 a.m. at the Aldergrove Legion cenotaph and includes a Fraser Blues flypast, and ceremony, followed by potluck lunch and entertainment at the legion.

Langley City

Langley City’s Remembrance Day ceremony starts at roughly 10:25 a.m. with a parade and march to the Douglas Park cenotaph, 20550 Douglas Cres.

The procession leaves 20570 56 Ave., turns left into Salt Lane, crosses Fraser Highway, heads  through McBurney Lane, and across Douglas Crescent to the cenotaph at Douglas Park.

The service starts before 11 a.m. and includes a Fraser Blues flypast, ceremony, singing of O Canada, and moment of silence.

Remembrance Day:

Respecting and honouring our Canadian heroes 

Each year on this sombre occasion, we gather with fellow Canadians in solemn reflection to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice made by Canada’s war dead, Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces personnel.

And so, we pause, we reflect and, with indebted gratitude, honor in remembrance all who have courageously laid down their lives and those who continue to make sacrifices in service to Canada. 

Let us recall to memory the thousands of Canadian soldiers who lost their lives during the First War in the triumphant endeavor to liberate European nations from Axis aggression.

Gravely, the Great War was not the war to end all wars. Since then, willingly and unconditionally, many military personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces have continued to answer the call to serve their country. We look back on the battles and the victories of World Wars, whereby Canadian veterans helped enshrine the values Canadians hold today. Their courage will never be forgotten.

Canadians have further gained global recognition for embodying valour and heroism in the Korean War, the various peacekeeping efforts of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, the Balkan war and the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

Lest we forget. May our duty to keep the legacy and memory of Canada’s Veterans alive never relinquish.

Remembrance Day is also an opportunity to acknowledge all Canadian soldiers who answer to the call of duty. Our thoughts and prayers turn to those serving abroad; we hold fast to our faith in their protection but, more importantly, anticipate their safe and speedy returns.

Therefore, we unite as one, in aspiration for peace and harmony through the memory of past conflict and tragedy.

Here we stand and here we shall remain: unshaken in resolve and grateful in remembrance of those who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives to secure peace and freedom-- the very soul of our nation--both within and beyond the sovereignty of Canada.