Mark Warawa’s Open Letter Regarding Bill C-225: Cassie and Molly’s Law

October 20, 2016

Dear friends,

Thank you to those who have expressed your support for Bill C-225: Cassie and Molly’s Law.

MP Cathay Wagantall introduced this bill after learning about the tragic story of Jeff Durham, who, in December 2014, suffered the loss of Cassie and their preborn daughter Molly. They were victims of a terrible crime when Molly was just weeks from being born.

Canadians are shocked to learn that when an attacker kills a pregnant woman’s preborn child, no charge can be laid in that child’s death, even when the attacker purposely intended to kill the preborn child. This is because the Canadian Criminal Code does not recognize harm or injury done to preborn children. This is the gap in the Criminal Code that Cassie and Mollly’s Law attempted to address.

Bill C-225 sought to enhance the safety of Canadian women and children. It would have created a new criminal offence for knowingly injuring or causing the death of a preborn child while committing a criminal offence against a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, PM Trudeau and his Liberal caucus voted against C-225 and it has died.

Once again, I thank you for your support in this important matter.


Mark Warawa
Member of Parliament