Liberals Play Politics on Seniors Policy

February 14, 2017

Ottawa, ON – Today during the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) Liberal Members unanimously killed a motion to study a Canadian National Senior’s Framework.

The motion was tabled by Member of Parliament Mark Warawa, Official Opposition Critic for Seniors.

Warawa’s motion included the following requests:

  • That the Committee conduct a study on a Canadian “National Seniors Framework”;
  • That the study focus on the percentage of the Canadian population that are seniors and the need to prepare for this quickly changing demographic;
  • That the study be conducted immediately following the current study on “poverty reduction strategies”;
  • That the study consist of at least ten (10) sessions; and, that the findings be reported to the House.

Of the nine votes tallied, each of the five votes counted against the motion were cast by Liberal Members. The motion was unanimously supported by both Conservative and NDP Members of the committee.

“I am severely disappointed by the result of this morning’s vote. For nearly a year a motion calling for action on behalf of Canadian seniors has been on notice with the HUMA committee. Today, Liberal Members of that committee have shown a lack of respect for Canadians—and seniors in particular. Canadians rightfully expect their Members of Parliament to work constructively together to create better outcomes for all Canadians, from coast - to coast - to coast. Today HUMA committee failed to live up to this ideal. With the support of my colleagues, I will continue to fight for Canadian seniors.”